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CD Players, Turntables & Mixers

2 x Technics 1210 Turntables

Technics 1210The Technics 1210 Turntable is a classic industry standard record deck, and are the most popular turntable that we have available for hire. These are highly reliable, and come complete with a Quartz Direct Drive Motor. These have been the industry standard turntable for over 20 years.



2 x Gemini XL-120 Turntables

Gemini XL120The Gemini XL-120 Turntables are a very popular choice for hire, and is one of the most tried and tested decks. This is belt driven, and gives a very ‘hands on’ approach to mixing. These come supplied with a magnetic cart.




2x Pioneer CDJ-1000 MKII

Pioneer CDJThe Pioneer CDJ-1000 is fully equipped for the future of digital DJing, and is used worldwide by the World-Renown DJ’s. This is MP3 compatible & has a fast folder search function.






Numark 1050 Mixing Desk

Numark 1050The Numark1050 Mixing Desk is one of our most popular budget mixers, and is a great mixer with some impressive features. This is a 2 channel mixer, with individual bass, mid and treble control on each channel. This comes complete with a microphone input & headphone input.