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Martin Magnum 650 Standard Smoke Machine

Martin Magnum Pro 650This is a standard power smoke machine, suitable for house parties and other functions, hotels, leisure centres or halls. This will really enhance the effect of lighting effects.





Martin Magnum Pro 2000 Smoke Machine

Martin Magnum Pro 2000This is our most popular smoke machine in our hire stock. It is the most specified smoke machine in the world. It has a 1600w heater on-board, an 8 min heat up time, 9.5 litre fluid capacity and an output of 700 metre cubed per minute.






Jem ZR33 Smoke Machine

Jem ZR33This is our most powerful smoke machine in stock. It is a powerful and instant atmosphere generator for large clubs, stage productions and industrial applications. It has continuous output of 1000 metre cubed per minute with a heat up time of 8 minutes and a 9.5 litre fluid capacity. This is suitable for all sized venues and large capacity clubs of 2000+.