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The karaoke system that I use is state of the art, and is fully computerised. I currently have in excess of 20,000 tracks, none of which are ‘illegally’ ripped. Every karaoke track comes from an original disc, to ensure high audio & visual quality. All of the karaoke tracks are fully listed in a number of directories that I provide for your guests to browse, including all of the latest chart songs. In this package I use state of the art computer technology, and I also have effect processors in line with my equipment, which enables me to make the singers sound professional, with echo, reverb & key changers.

All of the microphones that I use are industry standard dynamic Shure SM58 models.

I can offer karaoke as an ‘add-on’ to any other package, or can provide a dedicated karaoke show. With the dedicated show, I use a large 8x8ft screen which lets the crowd see the lyrics and sing along too!